About Us

The Power on your side

We believe in building structures that exude class, and exuberance using state-of-the-art technology, bridging the gap between utility and luxury. At JK Properties, we are committed to bringing the best in class luxurious properties, giving you homes you’d love to stay in.

We specialize in bringing the classy and elegant looking high class living with the most practical designs in our projects coupled with modern amenities, lavish design, and interiors. Efficacy, Style, Modern, and Beautiful, are elements that we intend to imbibe in our projects, making it a class apart investment.

Residential projects aside, our skilled team provides turnkey solutions to complete project management to deliver modern architecture for commercial, industrial, and institutional projects. At JK Properties, we believe in creating sustainable and futuristic solutions through quality construction, promoting green architecture, and innovating smart designs.

Our commitment is as durable and long-lasting as the buildings we develop. With expertise in construction, consultation, and collaboration, we plan on developing world-class real estate properties using the most advanced technologies to create structures that withstand times' tests.

Built to last

Right from the blueprint, formation, and construction, our ideas revolve around collaboration. The end result? You receive projects that are built to last because we won’t just complete them, we’ll get them right, every time.

Smarter sustenance

Delve into sustainable projects and enjoy innovative approaches which promise an exuberant quality of life, designed to inspire the next generation.

Go green is our mantra

We strive to create projects which are not just eco-friendly, but eco-conscious. You are collaborating with a company that puts sustainable living first. From procurement, construction, and maintenance, going green is the way, always.

Your trust, our commitment

Quality is not tangible; it’s a way of life and an aspect we swear by. Right from ideation to designs, everything you see is created by thinking out of the box, which lends our projects a uniqueness that stands out amongst our competitors.

The future, secured

Your future is in good, nay, great hands! All of our concepts and project building techniques are future-proof. The latest technology, the newest techniques, and ideas all come together to give you projects way ahead of their time.

Supported by sustainability

What’s the upside of real-estate projects which are all gloss but gather moss? Zero. That’s why our experienced team believes in creating projects which hinge on sustainability, with a proven ability to create happier, safer havens.



Shubh Gangully

COO, Project Manager, and Business Head

The man behind it all, Shubh Gangully is the COO and lead manager for all of our projects. Driven by a passion for making his vision come true, Shubh is a senior strategist, professional and leader, with an uncanny knack of helping businesses go to the next level.

His three decades of insightful and rich experience have helped scaling businesses across the globe and shaped his role from EPC Project Management to strategic Business Development.


Deepika Sharma

CXO, Imaginative, Motivator

Deepika Sharma is our CXO and an alumnus of IIM-B. She has over 14 years of experience in managing and growing businesses in the real estate industry.

Deepika commands expertise in a wide range of sales & marketing activities that includes distilling market trends, research, business data and product attributes into messaging and programming that drives demand by connecting with customers.

She is highly analytical and bring innovation into to all her projects. She is also responsible for brand management, customer experience & engagement, sales support, product development, and corporate communication.

She is an avid reader, pet lover, painter, and loves to travel.



Every project we undertake is dealt with the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and fairness. We strive to maintain transparency at all costs, with our suppliers, subcontractors, associates, and, most importantly, our customers.



We intend to nurture a caring, honest, helpful, and collaborative environment for our employees to feel safe and inspired. Our holistic approach nudges employees to dedicate themselves to the common goal of showcasing their exceptional workmanship, professional integrity, and service of the highest quality.